Adult Education

It can be said without any doubt that a proactive approach can be seen in adult education practices in UK. With a help of a liberal approach, adult learning is also being used as a continuous mechanism and it is being considered as an innovative instrument aimed to redefine or renovate economic, political and social life of the British people. Undermining the importance of having better awareness about adult education will make people suffer and various governmental as well as private organizations have been trying very hard to make people aware of the real importance of adult education.

What are the main benefits?

When you get an opportunity to learn and develop your skills in a continuous manner you will be able to contribute to the society in a big way and you can play an important role in making your economy grow and develop as well. When you get adequate exposure to proper adult learning methods you will always make sure that your children develop a love of learning and you will also make sure that the children exploit all the benefits of education. Active participation in all types of community related activities will become a reality and you will learn good qualities like respecting people with different cultural beliefs as well. This type of education will also make you familiarize with the importance of preserving the environment for future generations and it will also improve creativity and imagination in the best possible manner. In a nutshell, you will come to know how to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. All these aspects clearly suggest that investing in adult education will make this world a better place to live.

The relevance of adult education in the modern society

We are living a world where war and weapons dominate and terrorism and other types of evils have been making matters extremely worse. People think only about themselves and their ultimate aim is to earn money in whatever way possible. In such a situation, the importance of adult learning assumes an importance of paramount and it is the best option available to make people aware of their social commitments and responsibilities.

Leading policy agencies of adult education

In UK, the main policy agency for adult learning is the Department for Education and Employment and other official and non-governmental agencies that play an important role include Local Education Authorities (LEAs), The Further Education Funding Council (FEFC) and Training and Enterprise Councils (TECs).

Main obstacles of learning

The obstacles for participating in adult education can be classified into three groups and they include practical, structural and attitudinal. Practical barriers include the expenses involved with learning (direct fees, transport, books and equipment), lack of time, geographical isolation, lack of information and lack of childcare. The major structural barriers are age, lack of appropriate education or training opportunities, constraints of the benefit system and qualification barriers and the major attitudinal barriers include lack of confidence in one's ability to learn, lack of motivation and negative attitudes towards learning.


With the help of leading policy agencies, you will be able to overcome all these barriers and you will become a more responsible citizen. Better awareness about adult education becomes inevitable in such a context.