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The education sector in the UK is divided into 3 major branches:

School Education

Further Education

Higher Education

A recent opinion poll conducted by public universities concluded that residents of UK are more inclined to invest in universities. This is because most people associate universities with quality research and teaching. However, universities are dependent on external funds to provide excellent learning facilities and develop highly skilled students. The current inflation is making it tough for the government to grant adequate funds to universities for research activities and improved learning experiences.

UK universities have a large impact on the country's economy. Higher education in the UK generates approximately 59 billion pounds, a high number compared to the figures of sectors such as pharmaceutical, agricultural, postal and advertising industry. Another interesting fact about the education sector in the UK is that universities impart knowledge to students globally. International students who come to study in the UK are a source of revenue. These students contribute 8% to UK's higher education that means over 3 billion pounds is injected into UK's economy. No wonder the governments in this region are encouraging universities to seek private donors.